Lancing Based Yacht Chandlery

We have been long established in Lancing and provide Yacht, Fishing Boat, Speed Boat, Cruiser, Sailing Dinghy owners with a wide variety of components for your Yacht or boat and have some great fishing rods and supply most types of bait for your fishing needs.

We have unbeatable  service and we stock every kind of bit and bob you would ever need and we have the latest navigational devices in stock

Why not come in and see for yourself what we can do for you...

Why use us?
 What is a Chandler?

Chandler  is  seller of goods kept in a warehouse while the term “ Chandlery” is a  where goods are sold but you will be amazed to know the origin of the word Chandler is a maker or seller of candles...

We pride ourselves for good service

Fishing Tackle

Fishing Bait

Boating Equipment

Many bits and Bobs for your Boat

If we don’t have it we can get it!

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We also organise Boat Jumbles for more information visit our other website